When accepting a quote you are agreeing to and accepting the following terms and conditions.

For the sake of this document (“me”, “my”, “I”) refers to Danny Lewin ( (“client”, “you”, “your”) refers to you, the client.


Quotes are valid for a period of 7 days. If you fail to accept/reject the quote within this time-frame and still require services, the previous quote will become invalid. The latest quote will trump and supersede any old quotes delivered.

2. Payment

I. Web Design

A 50% deposit will be required up-front before work will commence on your project (where applicable). This deposit is non-refundable after 7 days or after a project draft has been crafted for your approval (which ever comes first).

If I can’t deliver on a project due to my own reasons or limitations, a refund may be issued (at my discretion).

The remaining 50% of the project total will be required before your website is released and uploaded to your live server* [See 4.3].

II. Web Maintenance

As this service is billed per hour, you will be invoiced at the end of each calendar month. Payment is required within 30 days of invoicing.

III. Social Media

Social media services are billed monthly at the quoted rate, and payment is required at the start of each 30 day cycle. Any extra services/costs acquired outside of the initial quote will be invoiced at the end of the 30 day cycle. Any extra invoice payments are to be paid within 30 days of invoicing.

The client must provide billing details inside each social platform to cover any/all advertising costs if using paid advertising within a platform.

IV. Search Engine Optimisation

Payment terms will be laid out on a per project basis.

3. Timeline

I always aim to complete a project within a 2-6 week window. This is dependent on the client providing any and all material required in a timely fashion. If there is a delay in providing the requested material, the project may take longer than expected. You accept responsibility for any and all delays as a result.

Should I fall behind due to my own doing, I will communicate this with you.

4. Content

I. Unless previously agreed, all site content including copy (text) and images will be provided by the client. If additional images/materials/services/additions are required, the client will be responsible for any and all extra costs incurred.

II. Failure to provide required materials in a timely fashion (10 days from request), which causes the project to become delayed may be charged an additional 25% of the project total.

III. If the project is nearing completion (i.e. web design/site layout/CMS) but the client fails/refuses to provide the site content to enable the site to go live (within 14 days of the finial request). I reserve the right to terminate the project.

Article 2.1 “The remaining 50% of the project total will be required before your website is released and uploaded to your live server” will become null and void as this isn’t a mechanism to purposely delay payment or hinder the projects completion.

Payment will be required in FULL immediately upon termination.

I’m a freelancer and cannot afford to sit waiting for a client to send materials which could potentially cause me to put another client off or on hold until they’re ready!

5. Credits

I. Web Design

All websites created by myself will come with a link back to my website (, which is mandatory. This link will be placed in the footer of the clients website and be as unobtrusive as possible. This link can be removed for an additional €300.

II. Other

If access to the website/files is granted I may add a service link in the footer unless the client requests that the link not appear, or requests its removal. Unlike article 4.I, this link is not mandatory and can be omitted/removed without prejudice.

6. Domain names & Hosting

The client will assume all responsibility for their domain name and hosting. Including registration and payment. I can advise and may suggest a hosting change if I felt it would be beneficial to the client and their website.

7. Access and/or Configuration

I. Web Design / Maintenance / SEO

The client will provide all the necessary login details required for FTP/Control Panel/Website access in order to perform tasks related to the project. Depending on the project and it’s requirements, alterations may be required to settings/configuration of the server or website files.

II. Social Media

The client will need to grant access to social media profiles to perform tasks. In most instances login details are not required, you will simply need to grant me access to administer the page(s)/profile(s).

8. After Publication

Once your website has been uploaded and tested and cleared, you are responsible for any and all actions performed. This includes but is not limited to: modifications, deletion, downtime.

I will keep a copy of the site (and database if applicable) from the day it goes live. Should something happen or you require a reset back to how the site was when it first went online, I can do so for €100. The client understands that any data added after the site went online will be lost.

9. Liability

By accepting the terms in this agreement you accept that I am not responsible for:

  • Loss or damage caused by inaccuracy
  • Loss or damage caused by omission
  • Loss or damage caused by delay or error
  • Loss or damage to artwork/photos supplied