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Used by over 25% of the web, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems online.

The Power Of


WordPress is a robust, extendable content management system that is highly customisable and flexible. Extra functionality can be added by way of plug-ins, which allows WordPress to be used for just about anything.

The platform is immensely popular and used by millions of websites worldwide. It is updated frequently, which ensures it is safe and secure.


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Custom WordPress Theme

Custom Themes

I use the starter theme by _s for nearly every new WordPress project. It offers a great base to build a new custom theme for each client.

WordPress Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced Custom Fields

Advanced custom fields allows extra functionality to be added with custom fields for posts and pages.

WordPress Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types

Custom post types give a lot of control over content and allow customisation with custom fields and page templates.

WordPress Plugin Customisation

Theme & Plugin Customisation

Sometimes themes and plug-ins don't do everything you'd like. Most can have custom code added to change them.

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress Maintenence

WordPress needs updating and upgrading to keep it secure. Maintenance helps to keep your site running smoothly.

WordPress Security

WordPress Security

Outdated themes, plug-ins and poor hosting can often contribute towards vulnerable WordPress sites.

Danny has just re-vamped our website and has done a really amazing job. He has been so helpful and reliable. A real pleasure to work with. Thanks so much Danny!



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