Website Maintenance

Whether you need your website updated daily, or monthly. My website maintenance services will allow you to concentrate on your business.

Website maintenance is an important part of having a website. There are a number of different tasks that should be performed which will help your website run as optimally as possible. A maintenance schedule will ensure that important tasks are being completed frequently, which will help to improve the overall health and performance of your website.

Whether you are looking for a one-off update or regular maintenance plans, I offer fast and reliable support and maintenance services that will allow you to concentrate on your business and it’s customers.

Website Maintenance Services
SEO Website Content

Content/Website Updates

Keeping a website updated is time-consuming. But a website that is updated frequently will ensure that there is fresh new content being added for returning visitors (and search engines).

Having someone update the content on your website for you will free up your time, allowing you to take care of your business and clients. Just email me your website update request when needed and it will be compleated within 48hrs.


WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is an amazing content management system. But the core software must be kept updated frequently to minimise the risk of security vulnerabilities. There may also have been new functionality added since it was last updated.

Outdated plugins and themes are one of the main reasons a website gets hacked or breaks, so keeping them updated is a must to avoid it happening to you.

Downtime can lead to a loss of leads and sales and damage your online image. So sites using WordPress must be kept up-to-date.

Website Optimisation

Website Optimisation

Is your website slow? Visitors expect a site to load fast, so if your pages take more than 3 seconds to load you are probably losing a lot of valuable business.

Whether your website is using WordPress or any other content management system. I can optimise your website to help your SEO and improve the experience for your visitors.

Website Migration

Moving Web Hosts

Moving your website to a different hosting company can damage your website if it is done incorrectly.

You could lose important redirects that result in errors, which might have a negative effect on your search rankings. The server you're moving to could be running a PHP version that is too high/low for your CMS and break your site.

Moving a website to a new hosting provider the right way will ensure you keep all your hard earned traffic and SEO intact.

Website Fix & Repair

Website Repair

One small problem on your website could bring it crashing down. Website issues that you might need help repairing could include:

  • .htaccess errors causing page load issues or redirect loops
  • Incorrect exclusion rules in your robots.txt file blocking search engines
  • Compatibility issues with plugins (if using WordPress)
  • Coding errors that present the white screen of death
  • Malware that has placed malicious code in your website files
  • The website has broken and you don't know why

If you're having problems with your website and need it repaired fast, I can help locate the source of the issue and repair it for you.

Danny - thank you so much for your excellent work - I was delighted and will both work with you again and have no hesitation in recommending you.

Gillian Reynolds

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