Website Maintenance

Website Management

I offer maintenance services without locking you into a monthly contract. Whether you need your website updated daily, or monthly. I can help with maintenance so you can concentrate on your business and its customers.

Updating Website Content

I can add new blog posts/pages as and when needed so that your website remains up-to date, and has fresh content. Just email me with the text and images required, and I will add them to your site for you within 24 hours.

WordPress Updates

WordPress Maintenance

WordPress is one of the best content management systems (CMS) around and powers a large percentage of websites online. But to run smoothly, WordPress requires updating and maintenance.

Core & Plug-in Updates

Having an outdated version of WordPress can expose your site to security vulnerabilities that can bring your site down. The core of WordPress needs to be updated frequently as security patches and new functionality are added frequently.

Plug-ins must also be kept up-to date to keep your site safe and ensure optimal performance.

Plug-in Updates

Sometimes updating WordPress and plug-ins can cause slight conflicts. I can help fix issues you might encounter in these situations.

Website Management & Maintenance Services

There are a number of different management and maintenance services I can help you with.

  • General Site Updates
  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Code Issue Fixes
  • Emergency Website Repair
  • Coding Updates
  • Help Moving Hosts
  • Website Migration
  • WordPress Updates
  • Website Optimisation

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