The Reelists

A video production company based in Dublin, Ireland.


Project Brief

I was approached by The Reelists to help with their one-page site, which was slow and had some other coding problems.

I was asked to convert the original template from a one-page template to allow multiple pages to be added.

The template will be converted into a custom theme for use in WordPress, which will make the site easy to updated and maintain.




The original website template was stripped and converted for use as a multi-page website.

Because the site was originally a one-page website template, proper navigation had to be added to allow users to navigate the site.

To make the website easier to manage and update it was built using WordPress and multiple template styles were created to allow new pages to be added with different layout options.

The site is now much faster than it's predecessor and with the addition of WordPress, will make it much easier to update and maintain.

Services Used

Website Before


Website After


Danny was brilliant to work with. He was efficient, an extremely clear communicator (essential with web design!), well organised and very obliging. The final site looked and worked brilliantly, and he has also put a lot of effort into setting up the WordPress end of things so I can quickly and efficiently make changes later down the line. I really appreciated his input, and he was never shy to share his own expertise and opinions with me. Finally, the price was very good, and the turnaround on the project was great too. I'd happily work with Danny again.

Tommy Flavin

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