Sacred Sounds

A music specialist website offering performers for weddings and other events throughout Ireland.

Project Brief

I was approached by Sacred Sounds to revamp their old website. It was a couple of years old and looked pretty outdated. Another issue was that the website wasn't mobile-friendly.

The website needed to showcase the musicians and performances with videos to help demonstrate what potential clients could expect when booking a particular act for their event.

Sacred Sounds New Website


Sacred Sounds Multi-Device

The website is now much cleaner with a more professional look and feel. The structure was altered to make it a little easier for visitors and search engines to navigate and helped present their music offerings in a much better way.

We kept the colour scheme from the old website but just reused them to highlight different areas of the site.

Services Used

With an abundance of knowledge, skills, patience, and honesty, Danny took our basic website model and created an empire! Truly no obstacle was too great to overcome.

And amongst the many feathers in Danny's cap, he possesses an outstanding work ethic. It has been a joy to make Danny's acquaintance and I wish him continued success. Cannot recommend him highly enough!


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