What’s the difference between Google and Bing?

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The eternal debate rages on. What’s the difference between Bing and Google? Well, quite a lot actually and here I’ll give my personal opinions and observations as to what these differences are.

Google vs Bing

To the regular user it would be difficult to really tell the difference. You put in your search phrase and they both return a sea of blue links for your browsing pleasure. But there are some MASSIVE differences between the results you are presented with.

Google Is Smart

Google is OCD┬áThe way I see it is that Google is like a OCD girlfriend. She’s organised, likes everything just so and is neat and tidy. She’s also highly intelligent and knows her stuff. She wants to help as much as possible and works on improving herself to make sure she is as knowledgeable as possible.

Google knows where everything is, she’s quite good at predicting what it is you are looking for before you even know you’ll be wanting to find it. She tries be be one step ahead of you to ensure she can provide you with the best service possible.

Bing Is Dumb

Bing is Lazy┬áBing on the other hand is like her Neanderthal boyfriend who just grunts, doesn’t do much and lives in a pigsty. Everything is all over the place, it doesn’t really try but thinks its just great!

When you ask Google for a coffee, she might tell you where to go (she’s nobodies slave), but she’ll give you the directions on how to get there. She’s just helpful like that.

Bing will most likely hand you a cat because it got confused. He knew you wanted something and sees the cup and saucer that he associated with a coffee, but then confused the cup with a cat and so just tries to give it to you any way with a big smile on his face and a “Mummy is proud of me” feeling of glee.

Google Just Gets It

Google is miles ahead of all the other search engines. The team have done an amazing job to ensure that the most relevant information is presented to you. Whereas Bing as hard as it might try, just delivers garbage. Their search results are just random and unhelpful to users.

While I was thinking about writing this post I envisioned searching both for “Butchers” and seeing a massive difference in the results presented. So I went ahead and had a try. I laughed as my prediction was correct.

Google showed all the butchers around me, while the first result on Bing was a Wikipedia definition of what a butcher was. Thanks Bing, I had no idea what a butchers was. Thank you so much for clearing that up for me! And all the following results on Bing were in other countries with the closest being in the UK (I’m in Ireland).

Google is smart and intuitive. It knows that if you’re searching for a butcher, you probably would like to know about those closest to you. Bing is just useless and hasn’t a clue so it just throws out any old tosh and feels satisfied that it has done its job, when it really hasn’t!

Bing Is On A Different Planet

If Bing want to truly compete in the market, they really need to take a good hard look at what they are doing. They are way behind Google and I personally don’t understand why anyone would use it. It also makes it difficult for web designers when it comes to search engine optimisation as they both require different things for ranking. To rank well on Bing you may need to sacrifice your rank on Google. Which isn’t worth it!