Is Cheap Web Design Really Cheap?

Is Cheap Web Design Really Cheap?

You’ve decided that you need a new website for your business, but you don’t have a large budget. So you look for cheaper, more budget friendly options that might be available.

You search for people offering cheaper alternatives and are presented with lots of enticing options. You might see a site offering web design for only €200 and consider this a great deal.

But will your new website end up costing you more than you’d planned?

The Devil Is In The Details

If a “company” or freelance designer is pumping out 5+ websites a week for next to nothing, how are they are going to be able to truly understand you, your business or your visitors?

These individuals are more interested in turn-around and money than you or your businesses success. There wouldn’t be enough of an incentive for them to care.

Every industry is different and the goals of the website must be taken into consideration, as well as the visitors who will be using it. Without these considerations, your new website may not deliver the results you might have hoped it would.

Also, if someone prefers “quantity over quality”, it means your website may not have been tested properly. Your website could have many errors that end up causing problems for your users (or even search engines).

Broken Themes

Today people don’t have to know how to code a site to make one. Sites like theme forest offer WordPress themes where users can purchase fully built sites out of the box.

But with this come “cowboy designers” that will use these themes and sell them to you as their own. These self-proclaimed “web designers” don’t actually know how to code or how websites actually work!

The problem with these modified themes is that you won’t receive any security or bug fixes released by the the actual creator of the theme (when you’ve technically paid for 12 months of support).

It may only be a matter of time before these issues arise and your website either gets hacked or breaks because your theme couldn’t be updated.

Then you’ll have to either pay someone to fix the problems, or pay out for another website and start from scratch.

Hidden Costs

There are a number of companies and individuals offering cheap web design services, but they often come with a catch.

Some designers create websites without a content management system (CMS). This is either done intentionally, or because they don’t know how to code and use a visual builder of some kind.

The problem here is that you will have to pay them each and every time you need your website updated, no matter how small the change might be.

It’s one thing if you’re willing to pay someone to update your website and maintain it for you because you don’t have the time. It’s quite another to be forced into it!

Others may offer free domains and website hosting. But they will over charge you for website hosting after your free year with them has finished.

Websites Are An Investment

Instead of looking at a website as an expense, look at it as more of an investment.

If you go into the process of setting up a website for your company for as cheap as possible, you should maybe change your way of thinking. Affordable is one thing. But “cheap” may actually end up costing you more!

Ultimately your website should help you gain clients and customers, and help make you money. It shouldn’t be costing you more, and it certainly shouldn’t contribute to you loosing business because it breaks or losses you favour in search engines.

Always remember the saying “You get what you pay for”.