How Long Will It Take To Rank Your Site?

Having a website rank well is something every site owner should strive for. It’s one of the main ways people are going to find your site. And if you are selling a product or service, it will help increase your visibility and as a result, your sales and profits.

You have been working hard on your SEO (or had someone do it for you) but your rank hasn’t improved. This can become frustrating as all that hard work seems to have been for nothing. But one thing that is needed when working on SEO is PATIENCE.

New websites will tack slightly longer to rank than established sites. Google looks at the domain age as a ranking signal, so a new domain will take time to gain authority.

Search engine optimisation isn’t an overnight fix. What ever changes you (or an SEO company) make on your site, won’t take effect immediately. Search engines will need to re-crawl and calculate the rank of your site and also the sites of your competition in the search results.

Sometimes improvements in your search rankings may only take a month or two. Other times it could take up to a year or more. It just depends on the many factors at play with regards to SEO and what the competing sites are doing in relation to yours.

You may have fixed the basic elements on your site, but missed other more advanced factors that you weren’t aware of.

You can have it all. Just not all at once. – Oprah Winfrey

Improving your position in search engines takes time and constant review. Small changes over time will help move you in the right direction. This also allows you to see if a particular change helped or hurt your rank and discover the best approach.

Another thing to remember that no two sites are the same. What works for one site may not work for yours, and learning the right combination for a websites SEO will take time.

So how long does it take to rank in search engines? The answer to this question is that there is no correct answer. If your site ticks all the right boxes and SEO is constantly worked on and improved, you will see improvements eventually. It just takes time!

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