Free PHP script to find duplicate pins on Pinterest

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If you’re trying to find duplicate pins on Pinterest using the API, I’ve created a free php script that you can download and install on your own server. All your boards and pins are saved to the database to save on API calls.


  • Hosting with PHP and MYSQLI support
  • Pinterest Account
  • Pinterest API access token

How To Install

Download the files and unzip them somewhere on your computer. Open config.php and modify the following options.

Database settings

Create a database using phpMyadmin (or what ever you use) and then edit the following settings:


Pinterest Access Token

Visit and create an app.

Then simply go to Tools > Token Generator then copy and paste the token here. You’ll need to make sure the scopes read_public, write_public are selected.


Upload the files to the root directory of your domain and point your browser to You should see Denied: – copy and paste the IP address into the MYIP setting in config.php and re-upload the file.


You should now be able to follow the steps to create the database tables and retrieve your Pinterest boards and pins to find duplicates!

If your server has get_headers() enabled, you can also turn on link checking to find dead pins on your pinterest boards. Just change the following to true in config.php. If it doesn’t work or you get errors, just leave it as false as your host/server may not have get_headers() enabled.



Click the link below to download my free Pinterest script. Should you require help installing it on your server, I can do so for €30. Just contact me if you require help.

Download Script

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This script is provided as is without warranty. Every effort has been made to ensure it runs without issue, but you are using it at your own risk and I cannot be held accountable for any issues that arise as a result of its use, include but not limited to: database issues, loss of data, account termination of hosting provider/pinterest.

I tested the script using a pinterest account that has 31 boards and a total of 1888 pins and it seemed to work very well (and fast), so it should work well for you!