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How do you choose a web designer?

Choosing a web designer for your website isn’t an easy process. There are many difference options available, so where do you start? Do you use a web design agency, a freelance web designer or use an online builder to do it yourself?

Depending on what your objectives are and what you hope to achieve with your new website, each option will have pros and cons. But the biggest deciding factor will probably be your budget.

DIY Online Site Builders

If you are looking for a cheap way to get your website online fast, site builders might be a good option. But they aren’t without their downfalls and in the long run may actually cost more than using a web designer.

While FREE or CHEAP may appear attractive, their pricing tiers are strategically designed to lure you in to upgrading.

They know you’ll upgrade because “who wants someone else’s logos on their site?” But then the bandwidth limits in the next tier will force you to upgrade again because your site keeps going offline.

Before you know it, what started as €4 a month has now become €200 a year. And if you wanted that’ll cost you too, at a massive mark-up!

Sites built with online builders tend to have difficulty ranking in search engines since you are limited to editing only the site text. You can’t really modify or change the source code, and you can’t change the site structure.

If you are wanting to put a basic site online and aren’t expecting a lot of traffic and aren’t worried about your position in search engines, this may be the perfect option for you!

Web Design Agencies

Web design agencies are a great choice for those with a large budget. There may be numerous people working on your project at any one time and each will have experience in their particular field.

One person might work on the front-end, while another works on the back-end. Then there may be someone else working on graphics and another working on SEO. Though your project is almost guaranteed to be everything you imagined and more, it also means there will be 4 people requiring payment at the end of the day. And then the agency want to make profit too, so there will be a mark up.

You should do some research on the different agencies available as some are not real “web design agencies”. They are nothing more than glorified data entry specialists. They will charge €1000+, buy a cheap WordPress theme and sell it as their own work!

Freelance Web Designer

Choosing a freelance web designer may often be the best choice for many small-medium sized business/websites since they can often be very flexible with their prices. Freelancers will only take on as many projects as their time will allow. This means they can dedicate their full time and attention to each project.

Sometimes a web designer may only be able to provide just that, web design. But some can and do have knowledge of search engines and may also be able to help with your SEO efforts.

You may wish to check out the  web designers portfolio and do some research yourself to see just how capable the individual is at achieving the results you are looking for.

Researching Web Designers

Once you have a short list of potential designers, you could consider contacting a client from a designers portfolio. This would allow you to find out from the horses mouth if they were happy with the results.

Were they promised position 1 on Google but found themselves on page 10? Were they promised a mobile friendly website that actually breaks on mobile?

What ever method you decide to use, don’t ever be afraid to ask too many questions. And never let your decision be led by price alone. Going with the cheapest option may cost more when you have to pay to fix someone else’s mistakes!

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